Proposed law will hurt Mountain Island Lake


Coal ash pond at Riverbend Steam Station on Mountain Island Lake

The North Carolina legislature is considering a law that would expand the allowable “compliance boundaries” for contamination at Riverbend Steam Station and other coal-fired power plants in the state. What this means is that Duke Energy would be able to legally contaminate a much larger area than they are currently allowed to by state law. Ruth Samuelson from Mecklenburg County was one of the sponsors of the law. The two coal ash ponds on Mountain Island Lake’s shores legally drain arsenic-filled water into the lake and are now also leaking at their bases. These leaks are un-permitted and illegal as they contain many other toxic substances in addition to arsenic. The NC Division of Water Quality is suing Duke Energy for its handling of coal ash waste. Click on the link below to see the piece on WSOC on the proposed law.

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