Trash on Mountain Island Lake shores


Trash on the shores of Mountain Island Lake has been an ongoing problem for some time. Although everyone should be able to enjoy the lake, it is expected that everyone will also treat the lake and its shores with respect, and “leave it as they found it.” Unfortunately, some folks are leaving mounds of trash at campsites around the lake. This is unsightly, unsafe, and unhealthy. It needs to stop. Please take a minute to read the message below from our Mountain Island Lake Lakekeeper, Chuck Myers to learn how we can take action.

Hello All Covekeepers on Mountain Island Lake (MIL) and concerned lake property owners,

First I want to thank all of you for drawing attention to all the trash and debris that is being left at various locations on MIL and surrounding shore line.  Just so you know this has been noted and is a growing problem for the 10+ years that I have been on the lake.  You would be amazed how much trash is collected during the annual Lake Clean Up that was originally organized by Duke Energy.  Last year this function fell to others as Duke Energy has closed the Riverbend plant they also stopped participation in the cleanup efforts.  Duke Energy employees still volunteer to help with the cleanup as do many of you.

To that effort I will arrange another MIL Covekeeper meeting this month to discuss how and when we will organize the MIL Cleanup for 2015.  Now would be a great time to attend one of the Covekeeper meetings to share information and concerns.  We have had very low turnout over the past years.  We need your support.

The reality is that Duke has taken action in the past, posting the Island as off limits no camping, swimming, hiking and so on.  It might be worthwhile to contact them again and see if they can provide some help.  So I will reach out to them as well as Mount Holly officials to request support.

I will post when the next meeting will be schedule and give the location.  Can we get one of the developments to let us use their club house to meet?  We should want to meet during the week of June 22nd  if one of those days works for the club house?  We do seem to get more attendance when it’s in one of the larger neighborhoods.

I appreciate your comments or suggestions that might help us to develop a larger volunteer team in our efforts to protect and keep clean this wonderful lake!!!  Please don’t hesitate to email or call me with any suggestions as well.

Thank you all for your concern and I look forward to your support.

 Chuck Myers

MIL Lakekeeper


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