Proposed Legislation Weakens Protection for air and water

The North Carolina General Assembly is proposing a 54-page list of changes to environmental regulations so bad that even DENR is warning against the move.

In a 12-page analysis distributed to North Carolina lawmakers, DENR warned that one proposal could cause “severe environmental damage,” while another could result in federal authorities moving in “to take over the North Carolina public drinking water program.”

According to an article in the Raleigh News & Observer, the bill would grant legal immunity to polluters that conduct self-audits, so that the audit findings couldn’t be used against the polluter in civil lawsuits or administrative proceedings. DENR said companies that discharge hazardous substances into the environment could use the self-audit as a strategy so that “the state could not use that as evidence in court to enforce a remedial action order.

In another section, the bill would exempt utility lines from environmental regulations, so that “anyone could put sewer lines (or other utilities) in anywhere without regard to any potential environmental impact.

You can oppose NC House Bill 765 here.

Please help keep our water and air safe and clean.

Read more here:

DENR (NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources) Response

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