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8 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. What are the current levels of pcbs for mountain island? How unsafe are the fish? I noticed the warnings but they are pretty vague. I’ve been unable to find further information online.

    • The Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation is by far the best resource for information on PCBs. Here is a page I found on their site including information on PCBs and fish warnings. Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question.

  2. I attended the Duke show & tell at the church this afternoon…Outside the front door was a woman handing out a very informative fact sheet re: Coal Ash on M I L
    She was wearing a very colorful tee shirt & I asked her how I could get one (or two)
    She told me to go to this website…here I am….please let me know how much they are & how I can get 1 Large & 1 Extra Large…I will wear it proudly& often…Thanks
    Mike Kramer – StoneWater –

    • Hi Mike!

      Thanks so much for attending last night. I’m glad Duke Energy saw that our community is engaged and concerned about this issue. As for the shirts, I am down to just a few left and I only have mediums and larges. I am happy to sell you the large for $10. We are planning an event in July so I may be getting more produced and will certainly have some XLs. I can keep you on the list if you let me know. Email me at

      Thanks again for attending and for caring about our water!

      Sara Behnke

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