Leadership Team

Board Members

Sara Behnke

Sara Behnke has lived in Charlotte for over twenty years. She is a graduate of Lynchburg College in Virginia as well as the University of North Carolina – Charlotte and is the author of two books. Sara moved to the Mountain Island Lake area 12 years ago and enjoys the lake with her husband David and their two children. As a cancer survivor and parent, Sara is concerned about the health and environmental impacts of the Riverbend coal-fired power plant on our community. Believing that knowledge is power, Sara hopes to educate and involve community members in the shared goal of protecting our health, our drinking water, our air and Mountain Island Lake.


Deanna Hamm
Dee Hamm is a research analyst for Carolinas Rehabilitation. She has lived in the Mountain Island Lake community for 11 years and is concerned about the environmental and health hazards of energy produced from coal. She and her husband George and their two daughters enjoy boating and canoeing on Mountain Island Lake.


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