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Do you want to pay more for this?


Coal ash ponds on Mountain Island. These ponds drain into Mountain Island Lake the drinking water source for nearly 1 million people.

Your electric bill is about to go up again and this is what you’re paying for: more asthma, more learning disabilities, more arsenic in Mountain Island Lake. The North Carolina Utilities Commission must approve or deny Duke Energy’s rate hike and their Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) which calls for more dirty energy and only a measly 2.2% renewable energy by 2032. The NC Utilities Commission holds only one hearing and that hearing is on a Monday night (Feb. 11) in Raleigh.  Tell the North Carolina Utilities Commission to hold a hearing in Charlotte so that those of us who live here can have a chance to make our voices heard. Sign the petition here. 

Or this?


Riverbend Steam Station on Mountain Island Lake

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